Yesterday Territories came into my hands, a book that explores in just over 300 photos, in just over 290 pages, our country. The photographer Santiago Arau undresses Mexico, and not only leaves him in jungles, beaches and mountains, but also takes scars, what inhabits the body in each corner. Click here to reed the full […]

Santiago Arau publishes “overwhelming” photographic testimony of Mexico

Territorios is the work that compiles the photographic repertory of Santiago Arau, a mexican artist who has distinguished himself by portraying various cities in Mexico from above. On this occasion, Editorial Sexto Piso publishes a contemporary testimony, described as “overwhelming”, which shows the nature, culture and social events of Mexico. Check here to reed the […]

Santiago Arau reveals an unknown Mexico in his book Territorios

The photographer Santiago Arau, who has specialized in image areas, believes that a balance between the digital and the material must now be taken, therefore, to make an exhibition based on his book Territories, represents an option to combine these two aspects of the photograph before the viewer’s eyes. Clic here to reed the note […]

Santiago Arau and the photographers who love social networks

Santiago Arau spoke in an interview of his first book of aerial photography Territories that he made during a constant trip throughout Mexico, as well as an exhibition at San Ildefonso next year. Check here the reed the note published in El Economista

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